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Content is king. Whether you're posting real estate listings, developing landing pages, filling up your blog, or posting articles, you're sharing content with the world. Nothing turns visitors (and customers) away faster than a half-done website with low-quality content. The work you put into your content is a glass door, looking into the rest of your business. Whether they open that door or not is completely up to you. You can't afford to turn potential lifelong customers into strangers. Engage and excite your audience, and secure their viewership for life.

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You're exploring your industry to carve new paths, set new standards and conquer old goals. Nobody said it was going to be easy, yet here you are, still getting it done. Blazing the new trail on your industry doesn't have to be a seldom fight; you need proper copy to put your vision, products, and services in front of eager eyes - the right eyes that are going to eat up your content. Skip the static; J&W offers premier copy that has helped our clients triple their conversion rates, double their leads, and bring in loyal customers through brand loyalty messages and press releases. You've been looking for the right copywriter to handle your specific niche, and your search just paid off.

“Mr. Powers’ contributions are essential to the ongoing topics presented. Without a doubt, I’ll continue using his service for the long haul.”
— O. Valdes, Publisher of Fourteen Robots
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Search engine optimization, better known by its handle of SEO, is an internet age-old art of getting your message across to the right audience, and bringing up your search visibility in Google's search engine (Yahoo! and Bing apply as well, however, Google leads the industry with 80% of all searches). There are over 200 different attributes that go into SEO, and nobody can manage every single one of them. That's why your SEO writer picks the ones that actually leave a mark for your specific industry. If you're keen to the importance of SEO, but not the practice, it's time to strap in and lean back with a search engine optimization strategist that knows how to implement keywords, links, and key tactics.

“We have a nickname for Joshua at 51Blocks: Machine. Whatever the task is, he’s able to carry it out.”
— R. Fitzgerald, Content Manager & Account Strategist at 51Blocks
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Thinking about starting up your own affiliate marketing website, or have you already been cornering the market as a super affiliate? Whatever the case is, you want your viewers to take your recommendations seriously, follow through, and start earning you a passive income as time goes on. Product reviews and comprehensive buying guides are the bread and butter of J&W; lengthy guides with critical information that plays into the buying process, research that resonates, dedication that drives home - any of that sound good to you? If you're all about watching the numbers spike up on the graph, then we have a lot to talk about.


So what are you waiting for?

You don't like to waste valuable time; you want someone who's easy to work with, delivers results you can rely on, and responds to messages at the drop of a hat, even on the weekends. They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. If words were the ocean and my keyboard were a sailboat, I'd never touch dry land again. Let's get started and revolutionize your industry together.


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