Engage Your Audience

Turn conversions into leads, affiliate sites into goldmines,
and SEO content into a magnet for your brand.

Content is king: how many times have you heard that before? Having something to fill the space isn't going to cut it; for SEO, for lead-driven sales, for a brand and site your viewers will remember, you need a higher caliber. Nothing turns visitors (and customers) away faster than a half-done website with low-quality content.

Your job is to solve a consumer problem; my job is to convince them that you're the only one who can provide the solutions they're after. The work you put into your content is a glass door, looking into the rest of your business. Whether they open that door or not is completely up to you.

You can't afford to turn potential lifelong customers into strangers. It's time to engage and excite your audience, and secure their viewership for life; that's where I come into play.



About your brand, about your services; it's about time to display your expertise properly.

Salesmanship in a printable form. Copywriting is the largest category in the writing world, defining anything that brings the prospect of an increased bottom line, and an ROI anyone can get excited about. Whether it's about products, services, websites or publications, having the right copy is crucial to success. It's about empathy in the visitors' needs, promoting that only you can solve their problem, and bringing fresh, creative ideas to build on your brand's authority.


Affiliate marketers, product designers, entrepreneurs; you're after sales, so let's make them happen.

Every year, affiliate marketing expands by hundreds of millions of dollars. There's a constant desire for the next best thing in our fast-paced world, which means you need to stay on top of the competition. Keep your game going strong with buyer's guides, Shopify store product descriptions, and social media engagement descriptions that turn more conversions, every single time. It's all about the funnel effect; let's get them in the door, in the cart, and across the finish line.


Engaging, keyword-driven, high-quality content to appease your readers and the search engine Gods.

SEO is all about organic results, improving your website's domain authority, and becoming a force to be reckoned with in your particular industry. Even if you think your niche market is so narrow that you have no competition, trust me, there's always someone competing with you. Good SEO content has a very critical job: appeal to the reader, solve problems and provide answers, while being the exact kind of internet fuel that search engines are looking for. Original, fresh copy pulls in the results: let's dish it out together.


Get prospects to transform into customers by sticking the landing, and driving the point home.

Landing pages have become an art in and of themselves. It's not enough to pop a photo here, or exhibit excellent design there. It'll help, but after that lackluster has faded, your prospective customers need to be serenaded by a sweet sonnet of words that puts the pedal to the metal. You're looking to land sales, but no product has ever truly sold itself without decades of dedication. Whether you have the next best thing, a Kickstarter page, a software you're launching, you need a funnel effect. Give them a soft landing, and a hard sale.


Your masterpiece needs some polish and a second set of eyes; let's get it publish-ready.

Editing is in my namesake, because I started out by editing manuscripts and screenplays for independent artists all across the globe. Whether it's marketing copy, publications before they go off to print, or anything in between, my seven-year English study and eight years of experience will be directly applied, giving you a publish-worthy piece in a short time frame. Editing is among my most competitive rates; due to my process, I'm available to be taken as a constant contractor for consistent content needs.


It's a race; outrun your competitors


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